NEC brings School Food Literacy to the NRC Forum

Hi Educators!

While we’ve been busy doing training sessions at faculties of education and for childcare agencies, and planning big things for training in 2019, we’re also excited to get out there and share our insights with other groups - including public health, policy makers, and other education influencers! In November 2018, NEC presented a poster at the Nutrition Resource Centre’s Annual Forum. This year’s forum topic was Unpacking Food Literacy and focused on increasing food literacy as an important health promotion strategy in Canada. Food literacy is a core philosophy of NEC, so presenting a poster at the conference was a great fit for us! Our poster discussed the importance of food literacy in nutrition education in Ontario schools. Particularly, how including food literacy–based activities in nutrition education can improve teaching of the healthy eating curriculum and lead to rich and impactful learning experiences for children. Learn more about our innovative yet practical approach to food literacy in the classroom!

Up Next: Sharing a “Do No Harm” approach to the Healthy Eating Curriculum at the NEDIC Conference

We’re so excited to be presenting a session at the upcoming National Eating Disorder Information Centre’s Biennial Body Image and Self- Esteem Conference! This year’s theme is Radical Unlearning and NEC will be unpacking school nutrition education. Together with our session participants (and we are hoping there will be lots of educators in the crowd!), we’ll be examining current nutrition education teachings and learnings for students and the ways in which they do and do not provide protective, evidence- based experiences that support a positive lifelong relationship with food, eating, and bodies.  Come join us May 9th, 2019 at the conference!