Who we are


Nutrition Education & Consulting is a unique group of Masters-educated Registered Dietitians providing educators, students and families with easy-to-use, curriculum-integrated, and credible nutrition education resources and services that support overall well-being.

We have a rare expertise and experience in working in the education community. We have worked extensively in the early years - in colleges and childcare centres, and in the school years - in faculties of education and elementary and secondary schools. Our relationships and strong reputation in these sectors enable us to positively influence educator training and the nutrition education and food literacy of children.


We are passionate about providing educators and parents with evidence-informed and child-centred nutrition information and tools. We equip educators with best practice-based initiatives that support inclusive and positively-framed education experiences for their students that aim to improve food and eating knowledge, attitudes and habits.

Mostly, we are enthusiastic about providing children with fun, engaging, and positively-framed learning experiences that encourage eating well for life!